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Welcome to Erkas Gården

Are you planning a trip on The Archipelago Trail - also called The Archipelago Ring Road? Erkas Gården is located exactly by the the Archipelago Trail in the island of Jumo in Iniö. We have a nice and a peaceful Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful old village of Jumo. The Erkas Gården estate has a long history starting from 1540. The main buliding has been built in 1700-1800 and was a home for Captain Sjöberg (1828-1882).

Our Bed & Breakfast is open from June 1st to August 31st. Our coffee shop is open from June 24th to August 7th.



We serve fish soup daily from 12 to 15 o´clock.

Soup lunch includes bread and butter, water, tea and coffee.

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